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Beer Trippin’ in Wisconsin. Part 4 – Lakefront Brewery

If you missed any of the previous posts from our Wisconsin trip, click on the links and catch up: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

For our last stop, we made the short drive from Miller Valley over to downtown Milwaukee, for a visit to Lakefront Brewery.  Lakefront Brewery is located in a large warehouse on the Milwaukee River.

Lakefront was founded in 1987 by Russ Klisch.  In 1988, they produced 72 barrels and have managed to grow every year since.  Last year, they produced nearly 25,000 barrels of beer!

For $7, you can jump on one of Lakefront’s daily tours.  The tour comes with four – 6 oz. pours and a pint glass.  Tours that start prior to 4 PM also come with a coupon for a free Lakefront pint at a number of bars and restaurants around Milwaukee.

I’ve been on a ton of brewery tours, from a self guided tour at Brasserie Cantillon in Brussels, Belgium, to basically watching a movie at Shipyard Brewing in Portland, Maine and everything in between.  Lakefront Brewery takes a very fun approach by keeping visitors engaged with jokes, contests, hootin’, hollerin’ and plenty of beer throughout the tour.  In fact, they start the tour in their Palm Garden, where you can grab your first, full glass of beer before heading out on the tour.

Too many breweries hold off to pour samples until after the tour.  Well done Lakefront on starting your tour the best way possible, by serving fresh beer!

Our tour guide was knowledgeable and good-humored.  She took us right onto the working floor and let us get up close with the brewhouse.

If you’ve never had any beers from Lakefront, I’d recommend giving them a shot.  They distribute to quite a few states (including CO) and make a nice line of sessionable beers, including an IPA, Red, Coffee Stout, Pumpkin Ale (seasonal) and many more.

They also recently created a line of beers called “My Turn”, that will allow each employee to brew a favorite style.  So far, they’ve created “Dan”, a Baltic Porter and during our visit, they were pouring “Stan”, a Scottish Ale.

A very cool idea and a great way to thank their team of hard-working employees.

Be sure to stop by and stay for the tour if you’re ever out that way.  Lakefront Brewery is located at: 1872 N Commerce St, Milwaukee, WI 53212.  414-372-8800.