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New Brewery Spotlight: Prost Brewing in Pictures

Prost Brewing.  What can I say that hasn’t already been said?  I’ve been talking about it here for months, along with all the other newspapers, beer websites and beer blogs around town.  The beer community in Colorado is pumped for Bill Eye and his team to open up Prost Brewing in Denver, CO.

And today is the day!  Prost will open their doors for the first time today at noon.  I know quite a few people have taken the day off from their jobs and will be lined up when Prost cracks the doors to their German beer hall for the first time.

So rather than go on and on with all the same information that’s already been shared in our newspapers and is plastered all over the internet, I’m going to let the pictures do the talking.  So come on in and take a look into Prost Brewing.

Bill took us up to the brewhouse, which was shipped over piece by piece from Brauerei Hümmer of Breitengüßbach, Germany and re-assembled here in Denver.

Looking down over the lager tanks and kegs.

Brewer Ashely Carter sipping a Pils next to the Grist Hopper.

Down the row of fermentation tanks.

Crooked Stave anyone?

Patti found the mother load in the cooler.

The original grain elevator from the old brewhouse.

Ready for a beer?

The Weißbier is freakin’ amazing!

The delicious and refreshing Prost Pils.

Hanging with the usual suspects at the “Stammtisch” or “Regulars” table.

This is really, really, really good beer.  So sessionable and flavorful.

Time to grab a growler and one more Pils before heading out.

Can I just crash here tonight?

So there you have it.  Less talk, more pics.  Hope you enjoyed a look inside.

You all have GOT to head over and check out Prost Brewing.  In a beer world where it seems that every brewery is scrambling to come up with the latest and greatest barrel-aged, funky, uber rare, high ABV beer, it’s sooo refreshing to see Prost and taste their perfection of these classic and timeless German-style beers.  I know it’s early, but this is the Best Weisbier ever!

Such a beautiful place.  I can’t thank Bill and Darlene enough for letting us get a sneak preview last night and showing us around their magnificent brewery.  I’m still blown away by what they’ve done over there.  Congrats guys!  We’re so happy for you.

Prost Brewing is open and waiting for you.  They’re located at: 2540 19th St, Denver, CO 80211. 303-729-1175.



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