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Hoppy International IPA Day!

I’m not really sure how “International IPA Day” started, but God-Bless the genius behind this hop-centric holiday!  Considering the IPA (India Pale Ale), is one of my favorite styles of beer, I’m all in!

I’m out-of-town, with limited computer access all week, so I’m going to keep this short…  IPA’s are an iconic style, dedicated to celebrating and spreading the good word of craft-beer.  Bitter, citrus, pine, hoppy deliciousness.  Pour one, raise one, sip one, hell, even shotgun one if that’s your thing.

For us, we’re heading to Portsmouth Brewery (the brewery behind Kate the Great!) in Portsmouth, NH for the afternoon.  I’m pretty sure we won’t have any problem finding something big and bitter to embrace on this special holiday.  There’s even a growler of Founders Centennial IPA in the trunk!  Hoppy International IPA Day my Friends!



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