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Beer Review: Renegade Brewing, Ryeteous IPA

First off, Happy Birthday to Renegade Brewing Company!

They recently celebrated their first anniversary by hosting a big party on July 7th.  During the event, they treated fans to several barrel-aged and vintage beers and also introduced the canned version of their flagship beer,  Ryeteous IPA.  Ryeteous IPA is a rye-based American IPA that kicks it up to 60 IBU’s and packs a 7% ABV.

I dig cans.  A lot!, but that’s an article for another day.  This is Renegades’ first venture into the world of cans and I’m pretty excited about it.  I was able to track down a 4-pack of 16 oz. cans for $11.

I pour my Ryeteous IPA from its’ 16 oz. can into a nonic pint glass.  The beer pours a clear, orange, almost amber color, with a two-finger, creamy white head.  There’s a steady, moderate flow of carbonation that streams towards the top of the glass.

I inhale to get my first impression.  Hop notes flood my nostrils and I’m transported to an enchanting state of tasty, lupulin zen.  There’s a bit of citrus, combined with a generous dose of pine and earthy hops.  It’s not a hop bomb by any means, but these hops aren’t afraid to jump up and make you take notice either.  In the back, there’s some sweet caramel mixed in, along with malt and bread.

Time to get it on and take a sip.  The bitter hops slide down my throat waaaaay too easily.  It’s hoppy, but again, not overly bitter.  It’s balanced quite well with the caramel notes and plenty of rye.  I like the rye aspect of this beer.  In fact, this makes me picture a bitter slice of bread.  I only wish my sandwiches could taste this good…  As I sip on it, I notice that its’ leaving behind some stringy spider webs and lacing along the inside of the glass.

The mouthfeel is creamy, albeit on the thinner side, but for a beer that’s packing 60 IBU’s and a 7% ABV, it’s surprisingly smooth.  There’s just a moderately bitter finish that lingers in the back of your throat.  It just teases you in between sips, making you want another taste of this yummy brew. Eventually, you have to give in and answer this sirens’ call.

I could drink a few of these on my back deck on a warm summer day.  Actually, I’m pretty sure I’ll be drinking a few of these on the back deck later today.  Ryeteous IPA is a winner for me and I’m excited to see another local brewery getting into the canning scene.  I admittedly don’t make it out to visit all the breweries around town as much as I’d like.  Some days, it feels like work, family, sleep, repeat and there’s only so many hours in the day.  But with cans and growlers, I can enjoy new beers from new(er) breweries in the comfort of my own home.

Thanks Renegade for getting your cans into my hands.  If you want to track some down, check out Libations, Mondo Vino, Mr. B’s, Highlands Wine & Liquor and other better beer stores in the area. Ask the beer buyers at your favorite stores for it and make them take notice.  If you can’t find it right away, try to be patient.  The first canning yielded right around 100 cases or 2400 cans.  Not nearly enough for all of Colorado’s faithful, beer loving citizens, but fear not, more is on the way.

Renegade Brewing Company is located in the Art District on Santa Fe: 925 W 9th Ave, Denver, CO 80204.  720-401-4089.