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Beer Trippin’ in Wisconsin. Part 2 – Tyranena Brewing and Romans’ Pub

In Part 1 of our Wisconsin beer trek, we hit up New Glarus Brewing.  Read all about it HERE.  From there, we headed to Lake Mills, WI, to visit Tyranena (pronounced tie-rah-nee-nah) Brewing.  I’ve gotten a few bottles to try over the years and had liked their beers quite a bit.  Everything I had read, made it sound like they do quite a bit of barrel aging and experimentation.  Two things I love.

As we walked up to the bar, I glanced over the beer menu and knew we were in for a treat.    I don’t usually go for a sampler tray, but there were just too many new and interesting beers to try.  The sampler was the only practical way to get them all in.

For $10, you can walk through the whole lineup: Three Beaches Honey Blonde, Headless Man Amber Alt, Stone Tepee Pale Ale, Bitter Woman IPA, Rocky’s Revenge Bourbon Aged Brown, Chief Blackhawk Porter, Cherry Barrel Aged Kinda Lambic, Scurvy IPA w/ Orange peel, Down ‘n’ Dirty Chocolate Oatmeal Stout and Dirty Old Man Imperial Rye Porter aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels.  Some really, really, reeeaaaalllly nice beers.  I hate to pick one, but my fav’s were the Scurvy IPA and Down ‘n’ Dirty Chocolate Oatmeal Stout.

Our bartender, Benji, was a former brewer for Tyranena, but these days, he’s a stay at home Dad. He occasionally helps out at the brewery in his spare time.  Benji was very knowledgeable as we picked his brain and took his recommendations on places to visit during our trip.

We checked out the brew house, finished our sampler and took a stroll through the adjacent beer garden and hop garden around the corner.

Tyranena Brewing is located at: 1025 Owen St, Lake Mills, WI 53551.  920-648-8699.

After Tyranena’s it was time to make the trip back to Milwaukee, which would be home for the night. Before hitting the hotel, we had time for one last stop at Romans’ Pub.  If you’re looking for trendy and cute, head to Rock Bottom.  But, if you’re looking for good  great beer, a knowledgeable bartender and proper glassware, hit up Romans’.

It’s a pretty simple place, with a dozen or so seats at the bar, a few tables and a beer garden out back.  The walls are covered with posters and artwork from great breweries like Dogfish Head, Three Floyds and Goose Island.

ISO: Bourbon County Stout barrel / FT: Name your price.

We’ve all heard the saying “No Crap On Tap” and Romans’ lives up to it.  Just look at the draft list.

A solid beer menu, that’s always changing.  Fortunately for me, the menu is heavy on the hops right now.  It was Double IPA time for me.  First up, was Three Floyds Arctic Panzer Wolf (on draft).  A big ol’ 9% DIPA, that packs 100+ IBU’s and is loaded with citrus and tropical fruit notes.  Amazing beer.

After that, it was time for….  Three Floyds (3F’s) Arctic Panzer Wolf.  AGAIN!  I don’t normally order the same beer twice when I’m at a beer bar, especially when I’m at an out-of-town beer bar, but the 3F’s Panzer Wolf was amazing.  I tried samples of the Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster DIPA and Black Husky Pale Ale, but for me, Panzer Wolf took the crown.

Patti went for the Goose Island Imperial IPA.

It didn’t take us long to get a conversation going with our bartender, who turned out to be owner, Mike Romans.  Once he figured out that we were true beer nerds, he opened up like a book.  We swapped stories about breweries, GABF and he helped us plan out the rest of our trip in Wisconsin.

If you ever find yourself in Milwaukee, I highly recommend a visit to Romans’ Pub.  Mike, who has been in the biz since 1978, is pretty much a 1-man show and he works his tail off to get his customers the best beer he can find.  Mike, if you’re reading this, thanks again and there’s a couple of bombers heading your way soon.

Romans’ Pub is located at: 3475 S Kinnickinnic Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207.  414-481-3396.

Next up on our Beercation in Wisconsin is… sleep…  and Miller!  I know, I know, but you might be surprised.  MillerCoors had a fun tour and lots of history.  Come on back for the next entry.  And if Miller’s left a foul taste in your mouth, have no fear, we ended our trip with a visit to a popular microbrewery in Milwaukee.  More details, pics and reviews to come.