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Beer Review: Wit’s End, Super FL i.p.a.

I recently had the opportunity to spend a few hours of my afternoon relaxing over at Wit’s End Brewing in Denver, CO.  In case you haven’t made it out to Wit’s End yet and need hours, contact information and other details, click HERE.

I really dig this place.  The people are friendly, the vibe is laid back and the beer is delish!  Plus, any brewery that has a poster of Mr. T gets bonus points in my book.  I pity the fool who hasn’t been to Wit’s End Brewing!

Patti and I sipped on pints of Super FL i.p.a., their Black IPA and Wilford, their Belgian Oatmeal IPA.  I made sure to bring our 40 oz. to get a refill and enjoy some Wit’s End at home.

Like good little hop heads, we went with the Super FL i.p.a.  Ready for a review?  Let’s do this!

I popped open my supa fine 40 oz. and poured the beer into a not-so-standard pint glass.  Not really sure what this style of glass is called, but it has a sort of hourglass shape to it.  They give them out at the Firkin Rendezvous down in Colorado Springs every year.

Super FL i.p.a. weighs in at 6.6% ABV and pours a deep, dark brown, almost black color.  There was a one-finger tall, sandy colored head on top with bubbly, traces of lacing left around the glass.

The aroma was roasted grains and pine, with just a touch of earthyness to it.  Very faint hops in the background, pretty light for an IPA.

Let’s get this party started and taste it already!  Up front, the flavor is caramel, malt with some roasty notes.  After the sweetness subsides, it’s a blast of hops.  When I say “blast of hops”, don’t think west coast, hop sandwich.  Super FL i.p.a. is hoppy, but in a smooth, classy kind of way.  The bitter, citrusy flavors are there, but they’re balanced and approachable.

The tingly bitterness lingers in the back of the mouth, until quietly fading away like a sunset fading over the back of the Colorado Rockies.  It’s a beautiful thing…

I’m a hop head and I love my IPA’s, DIPA’s, fresh American Barleywine’s, Pliny’s, xx Minute’s, Maharaja’s and so on.  But to me, Super FL i.p.a. has a uniqueness that sets it apart from many popular IPA’s.  What’s that?  Thanks for asking!  It’s drinkability.  Drink-a-who?  What I mean by drinkability, is that for the average beer drinker, they might be able to sit down and enjoy a big ol’ hoppy brew, but are  they really going to have 2 or 3 glasses of a big hop bomb?  Maybe, but probably not.  Super FL i.p.a. allows you to get your hop fix, without the feeling that your mouth just got violated by a vine of lupulin filled, nugget hops.

It’s got it’s hoppy side, but the 9 (yes, 9!) different malts used to make the beer, help to create a complex layer of sweetness to soften up the biting, bad-assedness (i may or may not have just made that word up) of the Cascade and Columbus hops.  After fermentation, this beer is dry-hopped and aged on cedar chips to add yet another layer of complexity.

This beer is Super Drinkable, Super Tasty and yes, it’s Super Fly.  I have no idea how long it took Scott to dial in this recipe, but he got it right and it drinks really well.  I dig it.  Can you?

Lastly, big congrats to Wit’s End on the recent additions to the family.  They just acquired two 3 BBL fermenters from the folks over at nearby Strange Brewing.  The new fermenters will allow them to nearly double their current production.  More importantly, that means more beer for you and me and that’s a good great thing.

The newest additions to the fermenting family.

The rest of the gang.

Please tell me that if you’ve not yet made it to Wit’s End, you’re at least planning to stop by soon.  Good people and great beer.  Please, don’t make me use another Mr. T quote.  Just check them out already!  Fool!

Wit’s End Brewing is located at: 2505 W 2nd Ave, Unit 13, Denver, CO  80219.  303-359-9119  Stop by and tell Scott and his crew “Hi!”.



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