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New Brewery Spotlight: TRVE Brewing

TRVE Brewing is less than 24 hours from opening their doors to the public for the very first time.  Yesterday, owner and brewer Nick Nunns, took the time out of his busy schedule to sit down and talk with us about his new brewery.  TRVE (pronounced “True”) is located on Broadway, in the trendy area of Denver known as the Baker District.  This part of town is lined with galleries and fun restaurants, but sadly, no brewery.  That is, until later this month, when Nick and his brewery will step in and fill that hole.

Heading into TRVE off Broadway, we entered into the long, narrow, almost industrial space.  Heavy metal music and black and grey walls set the tone as we made our way towards the bar where Nick was working.  Eight black taps lined the black wall behind the bar.  Nick greeted us and was more than happy to give us a tour of his place.

We headed towards the back of the building to gaze at all the shiny, new brew equipment.  With all of the new breweries springing up around town lately, he had a tough time tracking down any used equipment.  Instead, he went with all new gear.  The brew house looks sharp.  I dig the look and feel of the shiny, polished setup.

The bar itself is made of solid wood and is lined with roughly 20 black top and silver frame stools.  There’s another bar top against the back wall, where standing customers will have a place to put down their beer if there’s no room to sit.  Towards the front of the room, there’s a long, 30 foot table, with multiple benches on either side to sit.  It’s a beautiful piece that looks like it came out of the Viking days of old.

He had some beautiful concert posters spread out that will make a great addition to the walls.

Nick clearly knows his beer and his music.  When trying to decide on a theme for his brewery, he said metal just “felt right”.  It was a natural fit.  After meeting Nick and seeing his place, I love his idea.  If you’re not a fan of the music, don’t be scared off.  It’s not going to be loud and forced into your eardrums.  However, if you do like it, it’ll be there in the background to enjoy and talk about while sipping on TRVE’s tasty brews.

Both Nick and I are drummers and beer lovers.  I love his energy, passion for the craft and direction he’s taking his brewery.  Don’t come to TRVE looking for an amber or brown.  He feels that the styles are boring and already done by plenty of other breweries around town.  Instead, Nick plans to take chances, explore new ingredients and throw away style guidelines all together.

In my opinion, it’s about time we had a new brewery in town that is going to jump into the deep end without a “safe” (sometimes boring) lineup of beers.  He plans to open his doors on Wednesday, June 27th with Wanderlust, a Belgian American Pale Ale; Prehistoric Dog, a Salty Wheat; Black Cascade, a Black IPA; and Tunnel of Trees, a Piney IPA.  I love the beers he’s starting out with and applaud him on taking a few chances.  Denver certainly has enough appreciative pallets to support him and his brewery.

Despite taking chances, he doesn’t want to risk running out of beer, which has certainly been an issue with other newer breweries lately.  In order to keep his 3 barrel brew system pumping out beer, all while keeping his tap lines flowing at a manageable rate, he’s created the TRVE Cvlt.  Joining the Cvlt is the only way fans will be guaranteed to get a growler fill.

Right about now, you’re probably wondering what the hell is the Cvlt and how do you get in?  I’m glad you asked.  The Cvlt is a group Nick has created that will give members a signed and numbered 32 ounce growler, five free fills, $7 refills of any beer along with invitations to special events, beer releases and more.  Membership is limited to the first 266 people to sign up and runs $50 for the year.  A second membership can be purchased for only $25.

You’ll get your first chance to get in and sign up on Saturday, June 9th at noon.  That’s when Nick will open the doors to TRVE and give people a chance to try Wanderlust, his Belgian Pale Ale, get into the Cvlt and check out the new brewery.

If you can’t make it on Saturday, then you’ll have to wait until his official opening on Wednesday, June 27th at 4 PM.  But don’t wait too long if you want in on the Cvlt.  There’s only 266 Memberships to go around.  Scratch that, I joined, so make it 265!

I’m excited about TRVE and the direction Nick is headed.  When I asked about future beers, it doesn’t sound like anything is out of the question.  Barrel aging?  Maybe.  Sours?  It’s a possibility.  Interesting beers and unique ingredients?  Absolutely!

Cheers to Nick.  He left his safe, but admittedly boring, 9-5 engineering job to take a chance and turn his dream into a reality.  I love his idea and welcome him to the Colorado craft beer scene!  To steal a line from his website:  Beer. Metal. Denver, CO.  Enough said.

TRVE Brewing is located at: 227 Broadway#101, Denver, CO 80203.  303-351-1021.


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