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Brewery Spotlight: Wit’s End Brewing, Denver, CO

Seems like every few weeks here in Colorado, we’re hearing about a new brewery opening up around town.  There’s been more than a dozen that have opened up in the past 12 months, with plenty more in various phases of planning and construction.  It’s really an exciting time to live in the Napa Valley of Beer!

I had a chance to visit one of these new(er) breweries yesterday in Denver, called Wit’s End.  I kept hearing good things about this place, from the local group on that visited two weeks ago, to our family doctor, all the way to the recent article in the New York Times.  The word is out and people have taken notice of Wit’s End.

Scott Witsoe opened Wit’s End Brewing in 2011 after getting laid off from his job.  He and his wife Heather decided to take the plunge and turn their dream into a reality.  Scott brews on a small 1 barrel (31 gallon) system and is putting out some tasty, well-made, hand crafted beers.

Wit’s End Brew System

Patti and I visited the brewery, located in an industrial park, on a recent Saturday afternoon.  There were about 20 people sampling, talking and enjoying themselves.  The weather was perfect and the garage door was rolled up.  We grabbed two seats at the bar and were immediately greeted by the owner, Scott.  He’s a fun and energetic guy who made a point to greet all of his customers and introduce himself.

Scott was very eager to share information about each of his beers and answer our questions.  They were pouring 6 different beers on our visit:  Jean-Claude Van Blond (Hefeweizen), Super FL i.p.a. (black IPA), Green Man Ale (hoppy Red Ale), Kitchen Sink Porter, Dim Mak (Belgian Strong Pale Ale) and Wilford (Belgian Oatmeal IPA).  He offered several samples before we decided on a pint.  I went with the Super FL i.p.a. and Patti got the Dim Mak.  The IPA was roasty and hoppy, while staying balanced and smooth.  Patti’s Dim Mak was spicy with a distincy Belgian yeast flavor (think Duvel).  We both really, really enjoyed the Dim Mak.  Awesome beer.

Wit's End Taps and Menu

They don’t sell growlers, but instead, offer a fun and unique alternative with their 40’s.  A 40 is a 40oz. metal canteen.  There’s something funny about ordering a craft beer in a 40oz. to go, but it works!  The 40’s sell for $20 and refills are $9.  Gotta say that I love the metal 40’s.  I no longer have to worry about a glass growler rolling around and breaking in my trunk.  It’s a great idea.

My 40 filled with Gren Man Ale.

You can see the brew system and fermenters at the back of the brewery and one of the bartenders gave us a quick tour.  Everyone at Wit’s End was incredibly friendly and treated us really well.  We definitely enjoyed ourselves and the beer was fantastic.  We’ll be back.  We snagged a 40 of the Green Man Ale to take with us before heading out.

You owe it to yourself to pay Scott and his crew a visit.  They’re kid and fido friendly and have chips and pretzels for sale if you get the munchies.  Wit’s End is located at: 2505 W 2nd Ave, Unit 13, Denver, CO  80219.  303-359-9119.  They’re open on Thursdays from 4pm-8pm and on Fridays and Saturdays from 2pm-8pm.  They keep an updated tap list on their website and post new tappings on their facebook page.  Stop by, meet Scott and try his awesome beers.  You won’t be let down.


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