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New Beers and Beer News 03/03/2012

I recently learned about a few new and exciting beers that should be hitting store shelves in the next few months and had to share with you.  First up is a Bourbon Barrel-aged version of Bigfoot coming out from Sierra Nevada.  I’m excited for this one.  Bigfoot is a very tasty barleywine that ages incredibly well.  The bad news is that they only had enough barrels and space to make about 100 bbls.  In comparison, their barrel aged 30th Anniversary releases were right around 1000 bbls.  So this one might take a little hunting around and good luck to find.  No word on how much will be making it’s way to the area, but I’ll try to keep you posted.  They’re tenatively shooting for a May release.

Bigfoot hunting begins in May.

While we’re talking Bigfoot, check your local shelves for Sierra Nevada’s standard Bigfoot, which is out there right now.  As of last week, it’s at most of the better retail stores around town.  Get some now and put some away for later.

Another collaboration brew was recently announced between Tomme Arthur of The Lost Abbey and Peter Bouckaert of New Belgium.  These two hooked up back in 2004 and brewed a beer called Mo Betta Bretta.  It was a 100% Brettanomyces beer that was sold at the Solano Beach Pizza Port out in California and proved to be very popular.  They are working on a very similar beer that will once again be a 100% Brettanomyces beer, but will be produced on a larger scale and should see store shelves in May.

Mo Betta Bretta 2.0?

And if you need something to do today, head over to Twisted Pine Brewing over in Boulder, CO, for the release of their third installment in their Artisan Series.  This limited series of beers pairs a new beer with a local artist each month and will be released on the first Saturday of each month throughout the year.  For March, the release is called Sacred Spice, which is a Baltic Porter brewed with chai spices provided by the local company Sanctuary Chai.  The release party is set for today, March 3rd, from 12-9.  Twisted Pine is located at: 3201 Walnut Street, Suite A, Boulder, CO 80301.  303-786-9270.

The weather is supposed to be perfect this week in Colorado.  Get out one day, maybe after work or on a day off and enjoy it.  Grab a local growler and sit outside on your deck and watch the world go by.  Or maybe head over to one of the many spots around town with some outdoor seating, bring your dog or kids and try the latest seasonals.  But don’t let your dog or kids try the latest seasonals!  I mean, seriously people, let’s not waste good beer on unappeciative pallets.  Anyway, I love this town.  The beer scene and weather are in perfect alignment right now.  Let me if you find anything new and interesting and I’ll share it with the readers on here.  Pictures are welcome too!  Enjoy yourself and have fun, but be responsible.  Cheers!

P.S. Don’t forget to tune into American Craft Beer Radio on 102.3 ESPN Radio today from 12-1.  I’ll be hanging in the studio with Gary V. and all his great guests.


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