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In The Studio With American Craft Beer Radio

So I got to sit in the studio this morning during the weekly broadcast of American Craft Beer Radio.  Host Gary V., called last night with the invite and I was quick to jump at the opportunity. It was going to be a full house in the studio, with Gary’s co-host for the week being Jonathan Shykes from the Denver Westword, and their guests, Dry Dock head brewer Doug Hyndman, plus Kjell “the Jellyman” Wygant and Jim Stinson from Rockyard Brewing. 

We all met at the studio about 30 minutes prior to the start of the show and got a quick briefing from Gary about how everything would run during the broadcast.  While waiting, Kjell and Jim shared some details about another collaborative brew that’s in the works down at the Rockyard in Castle Rock, CO.  They’re putting together a Cuvee that will be sold to raise money in an effort to help save the Danny Williams beer mine in Boulder, CO.  If you’re not familiar with Danny Williams, please click HERE.  Danny played a huge role in running the GABF each year and kept more than 3000 bottles cellared in an abandoned gold mine that he owned on his property.  Unfortunately, Danny recently lost his life to cancer and his family is raising money to save his property.  This is one of numerous projects going on right now to raise money for his family. 

Kjell said the beer will be aged in Bourbon barrels, soured with both lactobacillus and pediococcus and bottled in 1-liter flip top bottles.  No word on what other breweries will be involved, but it sounds like a tasty and exciting project.  The best part is that it’s going towards a great cause.  I’ll try to keep you posted with any more information I can find out. 

As the morning sports talk show wrapped up, we had about two minutes to get into the studio, set up, pour a few beers and start the show at noon.  Doug brought some bombers of Dry Dock Double IPA and a 4-pack of Green Flash West Coast IPA.  The guys from Rockyard brought bottles of their Diesel Double IPA and Olde BroAle, which is an English Old Ale.  I brought a bag of goodies too, including Surly Furious and the latest in Avery’s barrel aged series, Muscat D’Amour. 

During the broadcast, Doug touched on an exciting new beer coming up at Dry Dock called Hop Goblin’s Revenge.  It’s another big, hoppy IPA, brewed with CTZ, Warrior and Simcoe hops.  It will also be dry hopped and should be on tap in about two weeks.  He’s also working on another round of Hop Abomination, which is one of my favorite series of beers from Dry Dock. 

There was a live call in from Chuck Silva, the head brewer at Green Flash in San Diego, CA.  It didn’t take him long to rub in the perfect weather they were having in San Diego.  Don’t they always have perfect weather out there?  He talked about some of the happenings out at his brewery and hinted at a possible collaboration between Green Flash and Dry Dock.  Crossing my fingers that they can make it happen. 

I couldn’t believe how quickly the one hour show flew by.  The blog got a quick plug, which was pretty cool.  But before I knew it, we were packing up and moving out so the next show could get started.  It was a really cool experience and nice to meet some new folks in the local beer community.  Gary and I talked after the show and he asked if I could call in during some of my travels.  Patti and I will be in California in a few weeks, so maybe we can try a live call in on his show from a brewery out there.  Stay tuned. 

If you missed the show, there will be a link to the podcast up on the American Craft Beer Radio facebook page in a few days.  Click the “like” button while you’re at it.  For next week, Gary will be broadcasting live from the Avery Strong Ale Festival from 11-noon.  Patti and I will be attending the festival on Friday and probably trying to recooperate on Saturday, but we’ll be listening.  If you like beer, and you’d clearly be a fool not to, be sure to tune in.


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