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Radio Show, Firkin Friday and More Russian River News

So I got a call tonight from Gary V., host of American Craft Beer Radio, asking if I’d like to come hang out in the studio tomorrow during their broadcast.  Uhm, yeah!  Gary hosts a great beer show from 12-1 every Saturday on ESPN Radio 102.3.  He’s had some big names in the beer world on his show in recent weeks, including Deb Carey from New Glarus, Ron J from Jolly Pumpkin and Jason Perkins from Allagash.  His guests tomorrow will be Doug Hyndman, head brewer at Dry Dock, Kjell Wygant and Jim Stinson from Rockyard and on the phone will be Chuck Silva, head brewer at Green Flash in San Diego, CA.  I can’t wait! 

Patti and I stopped by Dry Dock to try the latest creation from Firkin Master Walt Chleva.  Tonight he brought out a Graham Cracker Marshmallow Brown Ale.  It was very smooth and had a nice, sweet cinnamon taste to it.  Dry Dock was pretty crowded and everyone seemed to be enjoying the firkin.  The first firkin was gone in under two hours.  A second firkin was scheduled to be tapped at 7PM. 

Walt's Graham Cracker Marshmallow Brown Ale.

And lastly, Russian River is eating up all the big beer news this week.  Today, they announced that Batch 5 of their immensely sour and extremely popular Beatification, will be released at the brewery on Friday, March 30th at 11AM.  This is one of only a few beers in the U.S. that is spontaneously fermented from wild yeasts.  The beer spends over a year in oak barrels maturing until deemed ready to be bottled.  The last batch to be bottled was also a brewery only release and sold out in under 15 minutes.  This time around, there is quite a bit more beer available to hopefully ease the pain and spread it around a little more.  Vinnie has announced that 1000 cases will be for sale on March 30th and there will be a 6-bottle limit per person. 

I’m guessing that right about now, the Bros. and tech team over at are doing everything in their power to prevent their website from crashing again.  Seems like every time a big beer release like this gets announced, the trading forum explodes with people trying to set up a trade for a bottle.  If you’ve never had this beer, it’s definitely worth seeking out.  Hopefully you’ve got the ammo to land a bottle in trade or the ability to be at the brewery for the release.  It’s one of the best examples out there of an American brewery trying to master a true spontaneously fermented Belgian beer.  Good luck in your hunt and if you’ve got one you’d be willing to trade, hit me up.  I’m sure we can work something out.  . 

That’s it for tonight.  Don’t forget, if you live in the Denver area, be sure to tune in tomorrow for Gary V. and his special guests on American Craft Beer Radio.  That’s on 102.3 ESPN Radio from 12-1.  I’m excited.  Now I just need to dig out a few tasty beers to bring and share.  Cheers!


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